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As we are about to enter the 4th month of 2023 it’s full speed ahead!  Time is passing by so quickly.  Many goals (or “resolutions” for those who make them) have already been broken, re-made, and broken again!  One goal I hope that has not been broken by any of the saints at Longview is the goal of reading through the Bible in a year.  If you have stopped or have fallen behind don’t despair.  Pick back up and start reading again.  The goal of completely reading God’s Word is still attainable for this year.

Some people often begin (with good intentions) to read the Bible through— from Genesis to Revelation.  They get through Genesis ok; and then they get through Exodus a little slower, especially when it starts giving the specifications for the tabernacle, it’s furniture, etc.  And then, they hit Leviticus!  Boom!  And the “read through the Bible plan” suddenly stops!

The reason why is because most people see Leviticus as a bunch of laws / rules / regulations that don’t apply to us anymore.  But let me say this— Leviticus is not just a bunch of laws that do not apply anymore.  Rather, it reveals to us the holy nature of God and helps us better understand the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.

Listen, God is holy.  And we must approach Him in reverence acknowledging that holiness.

In his book The AMG Concise Bible Survey Harry Adams states, “Everything in Leviticus can be understood as defining interaction between a holy God and His people.  Thus, they are given sacrifices and priests by which they may approach this holy God, ritual regulations designed to promote holy living, and sacred occasions by which they further sanctify the Lord.”

So when you read Leviticus, keep this one thing in mind (besides the Law)— God’s holiness.  He tells His people over and over that they are to be holy.  (Re-read11:44-45;    19:2;    20:7, 26).   This is in addition to all the references to feasts, offerings, sabbaths, etc. as being holy.  Holiness among God’s people is so important that Peter quotes this same call to holiness in I Peter 1:16.  So, it’s certainly applicable to Christians today just as much as it was the saints of God in the Old Testament.

In short, let me just say keep reading.  There are thousands and thousands of ungrazed acres in God’s Word; nuggets of gold just waiting to be mined.  And yes, many of those nuggets are found in places like Leviticus.  So keep reading.  Honor God by meeting your goal of completing your Bible reading plan for the year.   If you haven’t even started yet why not do so today?  The first step of completing anything is to begin.  To hunger for His Word enough to read it daily is evidence that you are growing “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

By His Grace,

Pastor Johnny