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We recently adopted and approved a new covenant for our church family.  Having previously written about church covenants in another blog (read here) I wanted to take a moment to refresh our minds on the importance of possessing and striving to live by the covenant we have adopted.  If we never read or refer to the covenant we have in place then our efforts have proven to be futile.  As members of this local family of God’s people we should rejoice in making such a promise to one another.  My prayer is that we will become a stronger, healthier church as a result.

Some would say that covenants and creeds are useless and no one really pays attention to them anyway.  However, I believe that only people who are nonchalant about their faith would have that mindset.  Christians who are serious about their walk with Christ have historically held covenants and creeds in high regard.  They have seen the significance it made in their personal lives, the life of the church, and the testimonies that come from members who adhere to and live by a covenant.  I further believe there are many Christians in our community who are not involved in a local church who long for a place where a standard of holiness and commitment is expected like a church covenant requires.

Take a moment and read Longview’s new church covenant.  Hopefully you will be blessed to know that your fellow members are making the same promise to you that you are making to them in these vows.  Making and keeping such a promise is part of our sanctification as we “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

By His Grace,

Pastor Johnny