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We recently celebrated the most glorious of holidays in Christ’s resurrection from the grave.  It’s normally called “Easter.”  The fact that “Jesus lives!” was the topic of many conversations, sermons, and Sunday school lessons.  But after all of the excitement of the holiday is over some people may be wondering, “Now what?”

Many would ask that question in their Christian walk.  For example: A person under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit realizes he is a sinner, repents of those sins and confesses them, asks God to save him, and is forgiven by God’s amazing grace.  He’s now saved; a child of God.  At this point some may ask, “Now what?”  In other words, what happens after you’re saved?

That’s a good question because many never consider what should happen after the initial conversion experience.  Many are of the opinion, “I got saved didn’t I?  Isn’t that enough?”  That would be like a new born baby saying, “I was born wasn’t I?  Isn’t that enough?”  Sounds foolish doesn’t it?  The Bible describes those who belong to God as those who have been born again.  Or, as Paul writes, “He is a new creation” (II Cor. 5:17).

If we have been born again and are a new creation in Christ then our lives should be new.  Changed.  Different from what we once were.  And we should be growing spiritually just as a new born baby would grow physically.  Our spiritual lives should be getting stronger as we mature and grow in the faith.  Far too many Christians have never grown beyond spiritual infancy and are no more mature in the faith than they were the day they received Christ (read Hebrews 5:12-13).  Daily Bible reading and prayer are 2 key elements in experiencing growth for all believers.  Along with that should be structured Bible studies (such as Sunday school), corporate worship with other believers, daily obedience to the Word of God, giving for the furtherance of God’s work, as well as being personally involved in some type of ministry.  We have all of these opportunities (and more) available here at Longview.

If you are asking, “Now what?” in your Christian walk let me encourage you to seriously begin praying and studying God’s Word for the purpose of spiritual maturity.  I assure you that God doesn’t save anyone so they can remain spiritual babes.  I’m looking forward to future growth for us all as together we “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

By His Grace,
Pastor Johnny