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It’s hard to believe but at the end of this month we will be half-way through the entire year of 2019!  It seems as though the year just started.  One reason time seems to go by so fast for us is that we are so busy.  Our lives are sometimes like a whirlwind.  We have appointments to keep, deadlines to meet, vacations with our families, etc. etc. etc.  And then, add a family sickness or surgery, or even the death of a loved one and you suddenly find yourself in that time capsule that shoots you months into the future at the blink of an eye.  Thus, a year can pass by seemingly at the speed of light.

I often find myself in such a whirlwind.  Sometimes I don’t think all the calendars, datebooks, and planners in the world can keep up with all that goes on in my life.  I’m sure you often feel the same way.  If only somehow we could push the “pause button” of life and take a moment to catch our breath, right?

If you are at that point in life let me encourage you to find your rest and comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Bible tells us that God is our refuge in a time of trouble (Psalm 46:1).  He is the One who gives us rest (Psalm 37:7; Matt. 11:28; et al.).  Don’t let the busyness of life keep you from that daily time with Him.  In fact, no matter how busy you may be you must always make time to spend with the Lord each day.  The great reformer, Martin Luther, was quoted as saying that he had so much to do that he would spend the first 3 hours of his day in prayer in order to prepare himself for his “busyness.”

As the year speeds up and your lives become busier and busier please remember your walk with the Lord.  Whether it’s vacations, jobs, or family activities you must always prioritize these things and be sure God is at the top of your list.  Making Him your priority is vital to your spiritual health as you “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

By His Grace,

Pastor Johnny