Thoughts From Alma

SparrowJoseph was a dreamer. His brothers and parents didn’t like his dreams. His brothers decided to sell him to slave traders headed for Egypt. That was pretty bad. He became impressive to a leader in Egypt so he was put in charge of the leader’s household. He was falsely accused and was sent to prison. That seemed as bad as it gets. What about the rest of the story? While he was in prison he learned about culture of the Egyptians, the language and lifestyles. After many other problems he was finally released and was put in charge of all of Egypt with the king only superior to him. That seems like a lot of suffering for a young boy, but in the process he also became a man. His troubles led to his position of power. What he learned in prison would not have happened at home with his family. You know what? God used Joseph’s position in Egypt to fulfill his dreams from his childhood. He saved his family from starvation as well as the people in Egypt. Do you have troubles? Maybe God wants to use that to help you reach a much higher plane. You can read about Joseph in the Bible.